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Life with Ken

Life with Ken is a lifestyle brand that focuses on helping you live more confidently.

We help you reach your fullest potential and self-actualize.

If you can be true to yourself, then you can live in a way that is reflective of who you really are.

This refers to a quality of life derived from what’s inside of you.

You don’t need permission from someone to actualize yourself.

You can learn to live today as if your ideal reality is now-because it is!

The word “Des-ire” is Latin for “Of the Father.” The word “Father” in this context refers to God/the universe. Your authenticity is an imbuement. Whatever it is you want out of your life wouldn’t be in you, on your mind or impressed upon your heart/emotions, if it wasn’t meant to be fulfilled through you.  

From birth to revelation, nouns, people, places, and things, can be allowed to influence your life in a way that isn’t conducive to your God given character or personality.

In child development and or through personality development you have a temperament. Who you are is who you are from second one out of the womb. Some researchers and psychology theories suggest that personality can be observed in a person as early as 5-years-old.

All your life from the basis of nature versus nurture especially in your formative years, how you’re supported and or taken care of greatly impacts the person you become.

The problem is if you’re not being cared for “correctly” or in a way that affirms who you are genotypically and divinely/cosmically (not astrologically), who you become as a byproduct of phenotypical conditions may be a falsehood.

The good news is this is where your potential and self-actualization enter the chat. The word potential means the ability to become or develop into something in the future. Another way you can put it is, potential means nothing. Potential by itself doesn’t mean anything. You have the potential to be anything. In the multi-verse theory you’re probably a lot of different things.

What’s important isn’t that you could be anything, it’s what you actually become. Self-actualization is a human need, and in the realm of potential it looks like honing in on your gifts, talents, passions, and desires, and fine tuning them to the point of purpose, meaning, and or a call for your life!

Sometimes the gap between who you are and who you could be or would like to be is in an absence of knowledge.

By the time certain nouns don’t have the same level of influence on you that they may have had at one point in your life, the damage could already be done. You could be living your life based on a lie today, because of what some noun was able to influence you into believing.

Life with Ken is here to help you have a breakthrough in your thinking and support you in that process. The Bible says that after Adam and Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil they made clothes for themselves and hid from God. When God came to speak to them and they said that they hid because they were naked, the Bible says God said, “who told you that you were naked?”

Who told you that you wouldn’t amount to anything? Who told you that you can’t become a super star? That you can’t be rich and famous? That you can’t have a career? Who told you that you can’t date attractive people? That you’ll never get married and have kids? That you’ll never be a leader or have a positive reputation? Who told you that you can’t achieve your dreams or accomplish great feats? If it didn’t come from the same originating source that put those desires in you in the first place, then it’s a lie and you have been misled and or robbed of your compelling future.

Your shame is in part if not in whole a result of you not living in a way that is reflective of who you really are. And the reason you may not be living that way is because it has yet to be cultivated in your mind and in your thinking.

Hi my name is Kenneth Wyche and I run Life with Ken

Fortunately for you I’m not one to be braggadocious; but sometimes I think I’m funny (that braggadocious line made me chuckle 😆). I am a Christian. I dropped out of theological seminary. And I have a bachelor’s and master’s degree in psychology. I am also an author and entrepreneur. And I dabble in code among other things.

When Life with Ken started it was originally called “My Black Perspective.” This was back in 2018, and my focus at the time was to create a platform to share what was on my mind. Back then I felt ignored and as if I wasn’t properly valued within my sphere of influence at the time. I felt led by God to take my life into my own hands from the perspective of, instead of waiting for someone to find what I thought was the appropriate level of value in me, I would find and respect that value in myself.

It was at the time completely unreasonable for me to think that if I talked, ranted, and raved until I was blue in the face to people who I was attached to or who had attached to me for one reason or another, that, that would change their thinking about me. I had to change my thinking about myself. And once I realized that I am amazing, and that the people around me know I’m amazing but they just may not want to acknowledge it, I had to start acknowledging that in and for myself.

The nouns that had influence over me during that time were haters, doubters, manipulators, and people who had no positive breadth or depth of imagination towards me. They were around me, but they didn’t like me. And they didn’t like me because they can’t be me.

I could go on but essentially in the presence of that information God gave me the revelation to suspend my unbelief. Once I stopped believing what other people said I couldn’t do or be and started imagining for myself what I could do and be, Life with Ken took off.

I have a question for you. Why not you and why not now?

If your desires are a divine or cosmic imbuement that means they have an eternal attribute. When you don’t pursue your desires you are blocking your blessings. You’re trying to figure out what’s wrong with your life, and your life is trying to figure out what’s wrong with you.

Suspend your unbelief. What if “it” did happen!? That’s close to two thirds of the battle, just thinking or believing even if only for a moment, that your desires are possible.

I am grateful that I get to share my knowledge and experiences with you. In that way Life with Ken has been a blessing to me because by the grace of God content is still flowing.

Through Life with Ken I want to help you not only know better but also empower and encourage you to do better.

The goal of our resources and what we have to offer is to give you the tools you need to get the most out of your life in a meaningful and lasting way. The more you use something the more you own it. Through repetition and practice you can become the subject matter expert of your life.

I want to do my best to provide you with a quality experience as you interface with the Life with Ken ecosystem, and maybe provoke positive change in your life. Life with Ken is here to support you on your life’s journey because we know that a growing person is a happy person.

Our content ranges across topics from psychology and lifestyle, to faith, finances, and fitness. We are concerned with your wholeness as a person. Optimizing yourself is how you will uncover your potential and achieve self-actualization.

Regardless of your history, as long as you are alive, you can get better. We only go two directions in life: forward or nowhere. You have the power to decide where you settle.

The good news is when you get better, the things around you will get better as well. You are a conduit. Whatever you attract, is emanating from you.

When you put a healthy and positive mindset and lifestyle out into the world, that is what your life will become!

Life with Ken wants to help you identify the roadblocks on your journey to self-fulfillment, and then show you what you can do about them.

I want you to be successful. Success is an equation: hard work + luck. What people don’t tell you is that you also have to multiply that by support. One of the biggest killers of a dream is a lack of support. Life with Ken is a place where you don’t have to do life completely alone. A good support system can change the trajectory of your entire life. Stay connected with us or use us as a jumping off point to propel your life forward.

If you can learn to grow past the limitations of your lived experience and embrace a new reality for yourself, then you will begin to make and see fruitful change in your life. The conceptualization of this is the difference between you being and remaining stagnant, and every day getting closer to becoming your fully actualized self.

I want to Hear from You!

You’ve gotten to learn about me (Ken) and Life with Ken, now tell me something about you. I look forward to reading and responding to your comments!