Life with Ken is a lifestyle brand that focuses on helping people live more confidently. We believe that if you can be true to yourself, then you can live in a way that is reflective of who you really are. This refers to a quality of life derived from what’s inside of you. You can live on purpose with purpose for the purpose of fulfilling your God given potential.

The word “Des-ire” is Latin for “Of the Father.” The word “Father” in this context refers God. Regardless of what you call him or how you interact with him your life is divinely influenced. A life that reflects who you really are is a life in alignment with what has been divinely imbued in you.

We help people reach their fullest potential and self-actualize.

The word potential means the ability to become or develop into something in the future. Another way you can define that is, as “nothing.” Potential by itself doesn’t mean anything. You have the potential be anything. In the multi-verse theory you’re probably a lot of different things. What’s important isn’t that you could be anything, it’s what you actually become.

Self-actualization is a human need, and in the realm of potential it looks like becoming the best version of yourself. We want to help you hone your skills, find your why, be inquisitive, and develop your authentic identity.

To accomplish this we offer various products and services to offer as much value to you as possible. Fill out the form below and join our free newsletter to stay connected with us and learn more about what Life with Ken has to offer.  

Growth is a proactive process and here at Life with Ken we want to help facilitate that journey. This is our mission because we know that a growing person is a happy person. So many times in life, people make decisions that only affect their perceived experience. The material things you purchase, the new job you take, even the people you choose to have in your life, are a lot of times the byproduct of wherever in life you settle.

If you can learn to grow past the limitations of your lived experience and see that the real things affecting you are the things that are intangible, then you will begin to make and see fruitful change in your life. The conceptualization of this is the difference between a lateral move in life, and one that takes you to the next level.

Hi my name is Kenneth Wyche, and I run Life with Ken.

Fortunately for you i’m not one to be braggadocious; but sometimes I think i’m funny (that last line made me chuckle). I am a christian and a theological seminary dropout. I also have a bachelor’s and maser’s in psychology. I believe this is part of my call.

When Life with Ken started it was “My Black Perspective.” This was back in 2018, and my main focus for myself at the time was to create a platform to share my knowledge and experiences. In that way Life with Ken has been a blessing because the content is by the grace of God still flowing.

Writing is the main medium here, though we constantly look for ways to diversify our offerings some of which include our articles, newsletter, courses, and social medias. I have a work background in sales and higher education and this is a nice way to reconcile the two. One of the things I learned in school and is a spiritual principle, is to maximize your usage. Whatever learn or acquire you want to try to reuse at least twice if not three times.

The more you use something the more you own it. Through repetition and practice you can become your own subject matter expert. The goal of our resources is to give you the tools you need to get the most out of your life in a meaningful and lasting way.

I want to do my best to provide a quality experience for you when interacting with Life with Ken, and maybe provoke positive change in your life. You don’t have to wait to enjoy your life. You can learn to live today as if your ideal reality is now-because it is!

Regardless of your history, as long as you are alive, you can get better. We only go two directions in life: forward or nowhere. You have the power to decide where you settle.

The good news is when you get better, the things around you will get better as well. You are a conduit. Whatever you attract, is emanating from you.

When you put a healthy and positive lifestyle and mindset out into the world, that is what your life will become!

The problem is there are various barriers keeping you from realizing the fullness of your potential. Here at Life with Ken I help you identify those road blocks on your journey to self-fulfillment, and then show you what you can do about them.

I want you to be successful. Success is an equation: hard work + luck. What people don’t tell you is that you also have to multiply that by “Support.” One of the biggest killers of a dream is a lack of support. Life with Ken is a place where you don’t have to do life completely alone. A good support system can change the trajectory of your entire life. Connect with us here or use us as a jumping off point to propel your life forward. Either way thanks for visiting, and be sure to join our free newsletter for updates and more!

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