My Top 5 Detoxes You Should Start Today!

I love a good cleanse and detox. When you talk about healthy living, there is nothing healthier than cleaning out and strengthening your system. The goal of any good detox should be to clear out toxins in some way shape form or fashion. The most common way this is done in relation to detox drinksContinue reading “My Top 5 Detoxes You Should Start Today!”

Healthy Hurts

Your healthiness is hurting the people around you. That’s right, you being a healthy individual from the perspective of having your life in order, operating within some level of peace, and just being happy — is potentially having a negative impact on the people around you. Because we are all intrinsically the same, each ofContinue reading “Healthy Hurts”

How to Take Care of Yourself When you Feel like you are getting Sick

Originally Published October 31, 2020 In 2021 it seems like people are susceptible to getting sick from any and everything. Self care is something that is not in the realm of conscious conversation anymore because truth be told, a healthy person is not a profitable person. Drug companies cannot make money off of someone whoContinue reading “How to Take Care of Yourself When you Feel like you are getting Sick”

How to Improve your Quality of Sleep at Night

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? Ever after a long arduous day, get in bed close your eyes and try to go to sleep? Just to realize five minutes in, that you are wide awake. Or maybe you fell asleep however, once you woke up in the morning you felt groggy and sluggish?Continue reading “How to Improve your Quality of Sleep at Night”

The Benefits of Taking Long Walks

Since the Coronavirus pandemic has started, my focus has been physical mental emotional and spiritual health. I believe that for a person to live a life worth living, they have to do so in alignment. This means that their actions reflect their beliefs which reflects their convictions. One of the ways in which I fulfillContinue reading “The Benefits of Taking Long Walks”

Five Amazing Ab Workouts you should Start Doing Today

If you are like me then you see the value in having a chiseled abs. It goes deeper than just being able to take your shirt off confidentially at the beach. It is about feeling comfortable in your own skin. No one should feel like a stranger in their own body. An essential part ofContinue reading “Five Amazing Ab Workouts you should Start Doing Today”

Why you should get Naked more Often

Since the beginning of time, the natural state of human beings has been one without clothes. Clothing came after human beings had the revelation of nudity: When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some andContinue reading “Why you should get Naked more Often”

Stretching is Changing my Life, It can Change your’s too

Over the last few weeks I have been stretching regularly and it has been amazing! What a lot of us in the western world do not realize is that a good amount of our every day life is not geared towards our health and wealth. From the way we sit, to what we eat, to whatContinue reading “Stretching is Changing my Life, It can Change your’s too”

A Letter to my Mother

Dear Mom, I miss you. Funny, how can I miss someone I don’t even know? You’re such a mystery to me. You know to this day, I still don’t know your cause of death. You’re like Pink Diamond and I’m Steven Universe. It’s a cartoon mom, no I’m not too old for cartoons, you’re neverContinue reading “A Letter to my Mother”