What is Progress and How do you Know if You are Getting Better?

There are only two directions you can go in life: forward, and nowhere. “What about backwards?” I hear someone reading this post asking. Well, you could technically go backwards too, but if that is the case for you, then I would suggest for you to consider why you are going backwards. Typically, people only goContinue reading “What is Progress and How do you Know if You are Getting Better?”

How to Make Your Dreams A Reality

What is a dream? No not the thing that you do when you sleep. I am talking about the thing that you hope one day may come to pass. The want. To get married, start a family, start a business, that car you imagine yourself in every day, being debt free; just to name aContinue reading “How to Make Your Dreams A Reality”

Take Control of your Imagination

When did you stop using your imagination? Kind of a weird question I know, but if you were to take a moment to reflect, at what point did you decide that you no longer had any room for your imagination? The reason why I ask this is because a lot of us suffer from imaginationContinue reading “Take Control of your Imagination”

What to do When you are Frustrated

I am frustrated. I do not want to be, but I do not know how not to be either. This is when frustration usually appears in your life. What do you do when you have done everything you can? It is not your fault when life decides to start working against you; but it isContinue reading “What to do When you are Frustrated”

How to Live in the Moment

Happy Labor Day! I hope you have been enjoying your extended weekend. I wanted to take the occasion to briefly highlight something that I think is essential right now. Living in the moment is one of the most valuable things you could be doing right now. In actuality, living in the moment is probably theContinue reading “How to Live in the Moment”

3 Ways to Improve your Self-esteem

Ah, the ever-elusive self-esteem. Everyone talks about it, but what is it exactly? You cannot seem to pinpoint it on a map, yet everyone is out to get it. It is like a real life One Piece that we are all pursuing, so that we can be Kings and Queens in our own lives. ButContinue reading “3 Ways to Improve your Self-esteem”

How to Overcome the Biggest Lie you were ever Told

What is the Biggest lie ever told to and about people (and possibly you)? care to take a guess? Well let me ask you: Has anyone ever told you that you could not be successful? Has anyone ever told you that you would not amount to anything, or that it is pointless to pursue yourContinue reading “How to Overcome the Biggest Lie you were ever Told”

How to Create the Life that you Want

Are you tired? Has life had the last laugh at every pivotal point? Are you disgruntled at your job, in your relationships, with the state of the world? Now more than ever the opportunity to be the person you have always wanted to be is manifesting all around you. The thing keeping you from whereContinue reading “How to Create the Life that you Want”

Have a Practical Money Mindset that Attracts more Money in your Life

If you’re like most people, you probably wish you had a little more capital laying around. Money is great. You need it to be a contributor to civil society, to get ahead in life, and to sustain a certain level of happiness. As a tool nothing trumps money.  Like a lot of people, I useContinue reading “Have a Practical Money Mindset that Attracts more Money in your Life”