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Hey there, so a lot of time has elapsed for Life with Ken as a business. As you may or may not be familiar with, every now and again I like to pull back the curtain for a moment and go through some of the happenings here. In the past I haven’t done this in a scheduled manner, just posting as I feel, but going forward that may be something that we adopt.

This is a great place to start because one of the things that have become important to us is professionalism. Before I dive too deep into this business plan I want to start with some formalities.

Life with Ken is a Lifestyle brand that focuses on helping people live more confidently. This is who we are and what we aim to do.

Our core value is support. As an organization we acknowledge some of the difficulties associated with not having someone, or something that serves the purpose of propping you up and empowering you.

Our mission is self-actualization. We want you to maximize your potential. Potential that isn’t capitalized on or cultivated is wasted. Self-actualization is you being all that you were created to be. These to ideas intersect when you hone in on your purpose within the spectrum of your potential, and you self-actualize or make your purpose your reality.

These points are important for you or anyone to know as a member, follower, and or supporter of Life with Ken. These points are woven throughout the architecture of Life with Ken though we may not always explicitly spell it out, it’s something we desire to strive for.

Professionalism for us in this season has meant being effective at delivering on business and related obligations. We are here for your experience. Life with Ken is luxury. You don’t necessarily need the content we create and the services that we provide for you to continue to live. That being said however, we are valuable when it comes to you getting the most out of your life, which is priceless.

Understanding this unique niche we’ve been blessed with translates into at least right now for us as, making sure every interaction and encounter you or a guest has with Life with Ken is satisfactory and as ethical as possible.

Where We Are

Right now Life with Ken is still growing and developing. Our recent focus has been on traffic and monetization. We are focusing on getting more traffic to our main website and turning a profit. One of the key aspects of Life with Ken is our ecosystem. Our ecosystem includes our free newsletter, our Substack, our courses, and our social medias namely X (twitter), LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

The vision for us in this area is for us to achieve our goal of being a lifestyle brand. The lifestyle being you being your best and ideal version of yourself. The mechanism being the help of our various outlets so that you can curate a personal and suitable relationship with our content and offerings.

To this end our ecosystem is very important and something that we are looking to continue to grow, expand, and flesh out. Another area that will help us in this effort is our product offerings. Products serve our aforementioned lifestyle efforts very well in that a product has that intimacy built innately into it. When you buy and use a product it becomes part of your life and lifestyle.

We’ve expanded our store offerings and affiliate relationships and are continuing to look for ways to do so even more. We are also working on some ideas for more original and tangible products. One area in which we would like to expand our catalog is in merchandise.

We view the Life with Ken Store as an endorsement platform. We want customers to be able to purchase their favorite lifestyle products from our store, while also being introduced to different brands and products all together. Allowing small businesses to feature their products in our store is something that we are considering.

Speaking of collaboration, this is something that we are hesitant about in this stage of our organization. We are starting to grow to a point where collaborating with others would at the very least be okay. We have a vision for collaboration but it’s just something that goes back to our first point, if we can’t do it professionally, in a satisfactory and ethical way for you our subscribers, viewers, and supporters, then it’s something that will not be done.

Next we want to discuss Life with Ken’s relationship with Ken. Kenneth Wyche to the best of his ability is maintaining his autonomy. Kenneth is the founder of Life with Ken so he plays a crucial role in this organization. We’re not really sure if we would continue at this point if something we’re to happen to Ken, but It’s something we think about. As we grow and potentially outgrow ourselves there could be a reason for the work of Life with Ken to be memorialized and archived if not continued beyond Kenneth Wyche’s contribution.

Our focus in this area is to build a legacy which satisfies our core statements of being a lifestyle brand. If Life with Ken can aid in building a positive and good legacy for Kenneth Wyche, even if for whatever reason suitable succession is not in place, the name and brand will be cemented in history.

Where We are Going

Yes I’ve been switching between first and third person for this. Again that goes back to professionalism specifically and in this case as it relates to appropriate and effective communication of the ideas being discussed in this business plan. We as an organization don’t want you to walk away from this thinking that this plan can’t change. This plan is fluid. The main point of this is that again, it’s something we do semi-regularly, it’s something we may start doing more regularly, and we want to provide insight and transparency into our business happenings.

Maybe your Life with Ken experience and personal lifestyle development comes from your interest in business, and the business aspect of your potential and development is being cultivated by this type of content. If something like that happens for you or someone else, then we are doing our job and fulfilling our purpose as an organization.

Right now I (Kenneth Wyche) have been working on some new digital products including, a video seminar that we will probably be releasing either in the middle of Q4 or somewhere around the beginning of Q1. I’ve also finished authoring my book, “Get your Mind Right.” There is a lot more information coming about those two products, but they will go towards expanding the Life with Ken catalog.

Our biggest hurdle at the moment is capital. We are currently a cash poor organization. This is for a few different reasons, but I’ve been bank rolling Life with Ken myself for the last 4 years. God and my faith are the only reasons I’m doing this in the first place. I’ve been praying for provision. As I mentioned with my book, the manuscript is done, we are looking to publish, and I am hoping that will bring a notable if not significant amount of cash into our coffers. We also accept donations as well. As a sole proprietorship some of the logistics are difficult to get into however, we are looking to grow past this point in our journey.

In the near future we want to expand our current offerings and ecosystem to videos. So in addition to everything else we have, we want to start publishing videos on Sundays mainly for our Substack audience with clips released to the public. I do not want to disclose just yet how those will be, but the vision is a podcast or at least podcast influenced.

We’re looking for a studio to do our work in as well. This will mainly add to our ability to achieve the professionalism standard that we have for ourselves right now. And finally we are thinking of creating a new platform where other people can contribute to the Life with Ken experience, by sharing their content with us in the form of articles and multimedia. Which again lends itself to our ecosystem and underlines the importance of our offerings in various spaces, in relation to helping people cultivate an ideal lifestyle for themselves.

The Vision

For those interested the following is a bit of a peering into my greater goals. Life with Ken is the ground floor. God wants me to make the ground floor durable, sturdy, and comfortable. He is the foundation, and we are building something together. The point of a good ground level is who knows how far we’ll go, but at least we’ll know we did well where we were.

Life with Ken will eventually be an equally significant part of a larger business endeavor encompassing publication, real estate, philanthropy, and other business ventures. Once Life with Ken begins to generate significant profit we will re-organize and begin to build out and empire that highlights minorities, giving back to others, environmental awareness, and social responsibility.

As always we hope you allow us to partner with you on your success journey for as long as we add value to you. If anything in the business plan resonated with you leave a comment or contact us, and I hope you continue to make your life worth living.

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