Today is better than yesterday. Be inspired. Grow. Aspire to inspire. Be the you that you were created to be. Support is a verb. Destiny won’t wait forever. Be true to yourself. Health is wealth. Get passive income. Freedom isn’t free. Say yes to yourself. Stand for something. Give the kindness you want to receive. You are a powerful being. Make decisions. An opinion is not a fortune-telling. Who you are is more important than what you do.

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group of friends making toast to their change in traditions and different customs

Changing Traditions

We all have traditions or rituals. Things that we like to do. Things that we have done in a particular way for years. Or things that may have been passed down to us from our families. As you get older, sometimes those traditions do not necessarily lose value, but rather, may not fit in your life the way they once … Continue reading Changing Traditions

people sitting on stadium seats ready to watch a game

Stay in the Game

You never know when your moment is going to show up. One minute you are a nobody the next you are a pop culture icon. Life can happen like that sometimes. Are you ready for your breakthrough? Are you ready for life to propel you to a new stratosphere? Constant preparation is a success hack. If you are always ready … Continue reading Stay in the Game

motivational simple inscription against doubts

Something to Live For

What gets you up in the morning? What makes life special for you? These are the things you must remember when circumstances get difficult. If your why is strong enough it should be able to withstand the test of time. When you face obstacles your why has to be stronger than your want to quit. If something is tempting you … Continue reading Something to Live For

shallow photography of brushes on jar create

The Need to Create

Why do we need to constantly create? That was the question I asked myself before sitting down to write today. Every day Monday through Friday, for some Sunday through Saturday, we are tasked with the responsibility of creating. You create at work. When your boss asks you to do an assignment, that’s creation. You create at home. Every time you … Continue reading The Need to Create

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