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Coping with Loneliness

Originally Published October 14, 2020 This is going to be a very vulnerable piece for me. Honestly, I am struggling with writing it because of the different aspects of myself that this post is revealing. I am doing so however, because this is the only way we grow; by facing our fears and rising aboveContinue reading “Coping with Loneliness”

The Pursuit of Passion (Excerpt)

The following is another excerpt from my new book “The Pursuit of Passion: How to Sequence your Life for Success“. This Excerpt is from the third chapter in the book entitled “Fitness”. This chapter is all about how one of the secrets to success is being fit, not just physically; but also mentally, emotionally, andContinue reading “The Pursuit of Passion (Excerpt)”

How to Take Care of Yourself When you Feel like you are getting Sick

Originally Published October 31, 2020 In 2021 it seems like people are susceptible to getting sick from any and everything. Self care is something that is not in the realm of conscious conversation anymore because truth be told, a healthy person is not a profitable person. Drug companies cannot make money off of someone whoContinue reading “How to Take Care of Yourself When you Feel like you are getting Sick”

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