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How to Be Better at Relationships

You need to understand that a relationship is a team sport. It takes at least two to be in a relationship. This means that it isn’t always the other person’s fault. I start with this because relationships are something that you can constantly improve at. As an adult you take responsibility for your actions. In a relationship you are not… Continue reading How to Be Better at Relationships

Constant Progress

Your body is a temple. You live in your body. You are a spiritual being having a physical experience. Your spirit is attached to your body. Your body is the conduit with which your spirit interacts with the physical world. When the physical body and meta-physical spirit combine it creates a soul. You are a soul. One unified experience of… Continue reading Constant Progress


One thing that life respects is longevity. If you can stay you will succeed. Sometimes success is a funnel. Several go in at the top but only a few drip out on the other side at a time. Sometimes you have to wait your turn. It’s not that you’re not qualified, it just isn’t your time yet. Longevity is the… Continue reading Longevity

Health is Wealth

You must be healthy. The state of your physical body is of great importance as it relates to your success. Your physical health is a barometer for your success. If you have a physical ailment or sickness know that I am not talking about the condition of your body. Yes if you are a relatively healthy person and can work… Continue reading Health is Wealth

How to Find Your Why

Originally Published November 3, 2022 Adventure. Ambition. Growth. Progression. All these things are associated with your “Why.” A why is the reason a person does something. It’s your motivating factor. For some it’s their purpose. Having a why is important because it should inspire, excite, and energize you. The reason for a why is that sometimes your life does not… Continue reading How to Find Your Why

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