How to Overcome a Fear of Change

Life with Ken is a catalyst for change. We desire to help you achieve your desires. Change for a lot of people can be a barrier to self-actualization and self-fulfillment.

Essentially people can have a tendency to psych themselves out when it comes to change.  Change is a natural and fundamental part of life, yet many people fear it. There are numerous reasons people may fear change but change usually isn’t the reason itself.

The thing about change is most people are aware of when change needs to take place. The obstacle is that most people are also fearful of what that change will be/bring with it. Change is when something is different, and the natural inclination for most people is to avoid different.

Life with Ken wants to make change something you conquer not something you fear. We want to help you embrace change because if you can get comfortable with the concept of change you can achieve your desires.

You May be Afraid of Change because of one of the Following Reasons:

1. Change Hurts: Change often involves leaving behind the familiar, even if it’s not healthy or beneficial. The fear of losing what you know and are accustomed to can be painful.

2. Social Implications: Change can disrupt social dynamics. When you change, the people around you may also need to change, which can be unsettling.

3. Homeostasis: Human beings have a natural equilibrium, and both our bodies and social groups tend to resist change. This resistance can lead to discomfort, even if the current state isn’t ideal.

4. Rationality vs. Emotion: The logical part of our minds may understand the benefits of change, but the intrinsic, emotional part often resists it, preferring the safety of the status quo.

5. Self-esteem and Trauma: Low self-esteem and past traumatic experiences can intensify the fear of change, making it difficult to believe in one’s ability to navigate new situations successfully.

6. The Unconscious and ACEs: Unconscious beliefs and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) can create a deep-seated fear of change, often linked to a desire not to threaten one’s survival.

7. Lack of Self-control: Change often requires self-control and discipline, which can be exhausting, especially if we’re used to certain habits and routines.

8. Anxiety: Change requires a bit of faith because you are going against what you know in pursuit of the unfamiliar. This can lead to anxiety and uneasiness that if not resolved can leave you paralyzed and incapable of meaningful decision making.

If you can find yourself on that list then firstly, we support you. Secondly, nothing on that list is detrimental. Uncomfortable sure, but life threatening? Far from it. Change requires a certain level of submission to the unknown and ambiguous. We don’t advocate for change for the sake of change. We want you to participate in meaningful change.

Meaningful change is change that will improve your quality of life. That will help you create a fulfilling lifestyle for yourself. And help you make your dreams a reality. Most of the things on that list are a ball and chain, weighing you down and keeping you from your compelling future.

If your life actually means something to you, if you’re tired of being tired, if you want something new and fresh for your life, and if you want your life to mean something, then you must embrace change.

Here is how Life with Ken partners with you so that you can Overcome the Fear of Change and get the Most out of your Life:

1. Vision: We can help you cultivate a vision for yourself. Vision is your ability to see your compelling future. It’s also your ability to tap into your imagination and create for yourself a life worth living. It should motivate you to pursue your goals and create new ones.

2. Intention: We want you to comprehend your motives. Your desire to change should be driven by your inner determination.

3. Embracing Reality: We understand that everyone is on their own journey. While you keep your vision and compelling future on top of mind, we want to help you make decisions today that will materialize those abstractions into the now.

4. Methodology: We’ll help you come up with a plan to change and walk alongside you as you strategize about and execute that plan.

5. Conviction: We want to encourage and fortify your convictions. Believe in your ability to change. Utilize what we offer to cultivate confidence in yourself and your capacity to adapt.

6. Support: Change can be uncertain, but we want to help you feel comfortable in the midst of ambiguity. We want to be a resource for you in those unsure times.

7. Motivation development: We want to help you stay the course of your desires. We can help build up in you your self-awareness, a sense of independence, competence, and the ability to cope with challenges.

8. Responsibility: Ultimately we want you to take responsibility for your own life. This is a core issue with change. Innate to humanity is a wanting of little to no responsibility. Avoiding decisions out of fear of responsibility can hinder your growth. We want to help you take ownership of your choices and their consequences and to be there as a resource regardless of what happens.

Life with Ken wants you to change for the better. We are invested in your improvement, that’s our business model. We want you to change for the better because when you improve, the people and things around you will improve also. Don’t disrupt that which doesn’t need to be, but if you are in a place in your life where you are unsatisfied with yourself, or your conditions, then change is necessary.

Change may be difficult, but it is also an inevitable part of life. By understanding the reasons behind your fear of change and taking proactive steps to overcome it, you can lead a more fulfilling life, and then help the people around you do so also. Embrace change as an opportunity for growth, and you will unlock your full potential.