Bookings with Ken!

Consultations, group sessions, conferences, business meetings and more!

Booking Ken is a great way to experience his philosophy and teachings, and to hear a more tailor-made message for a specific audience and or need.

Before finalizing any bookings be sure to review the additional information and resources at the bottom of this page.

Virtual Conferences and Consultations

Set an appointment to meet with Ken virtually. Ken provides online virtual meetings/consultations for individuals and groups. You can use the form below to schedule some time to speak with Ken. Please include details on the nature of what it is you would like to speak about in the “additional information” section of this form. Any video conference appointments without any contextual details may be rejected after being scheduled at Ken’s discretion.

Substack Founding Members

Another exciting way for you to Book some time with Ken is by becoming a Life with Ken on Substack Founder. Our Substack Founder is our highest tier paid offering we have on Substack. Becoming a Founder on Substack will yield you the following benefits:

4 video conferences a year (once a quarter or every 3 months) with prioritized booking privileges.

Access to all our Substack content.

Exclusive content.

Major discounts on various Life with Ken Products.

This is a great all-in-one offering that gives you all the key aspects of Life with Ken for a modest starting price of $499 a year.

Become a Life with Ken on Substack Founding Member Now!

In-Person Bookings

Submit a request via the form below for an in-person booking. These are great for any type of group event that you are hosting and need a speaker for. Ken’s standard rate for all in-person bookings is $750 and scales up based on location and size of audience (please include this information in your request for an immediate and accurate final cost). Ken requires a non-refundable retainer for all in-person bookings prior to them being scheduled. Ken’s retainer is half the standard rate upfront ($375). Special circumstances are taken into consideration but must be specified. Preferred methods of payment include: paypal, venmo, cashapp, and or cash.


Additional Information and Resources:

When you book time with Ken you are agreeing to all of the following. You can also find all of this information here.

100% Money Back Guarantee  

All bookings in-person and virtual not including Life with Ken on Substack founder member bookings, are guaranteed 100% of their money back in the event of a cancellation from either party for whatever reason up to within an hour of the fulfillment time. This guarantee does not include the in-person booking non-refundable retainer or emergency cancellations made by Ken, and is superseded by the virtual meetings cancellation policy.

How Bookings Work

Bookings are based on Kenneth Wyche’s calendar availability. The first week of every new quarter starting January 1st of each new calendar year, Substack Founders will get first pick of availability on Ken’s calendar. No virtual meetings will be allowed to be booked during this time. This does not apply to in-person bookings. Bookings with Ken is a service so both parties benefit from you explicitly stating what you want from Ken in any kind of one-on-one or group session. One-on-one in-person sessions are available; those are considered special circumstances. Please specify if that’s what you would like in your request. Pricing and fulfillment of and for one-on-one in-person sessions are completely at Ken’s discretion, and Life with Ken’s terms, conditions, disclaimers, policies in general, and privacy policy all still apply.

Service Expectations

Other than money back under specific conditions stated in our money back guarantee and or refund policy, Life with Ken and Kenneth Wyche guarantee nothing upon delivery of services. We (Life with Ken and Kenneth Wyche) promise nothing other than to fulfill our obligation (acknowledgement of funds received in exchange for a booking on Kenneth Wyche’s calendar) to appear somewhere at a certain time. The information we choose to share orally or otherwise in response to a booking in all settings and mediums (physical, digital, and or otherwise) is up for interpretation and is not responsible for anything someone who is exposed to it does or thinks to themselves and or [to or about] someone else. We exercise our First Amendment Rights under the Constitution of the United States of America. By booking Ken (Kenneth Wyche) you agree to these terms and conditions in addition to Life with Ken’s terms, conditions, disclaimers, policies in general, and privacy policy.

15-minute Policy  

For all virtual meetings (conference(s), consult(s)/consultation(s), and meeting(s) are words that are used interchangeably by Life with Ken and Kenneth Wyche to specifically but not exclusively describe and refer to any type of virtual interaction meaning a paid for service (booking/appointment) being delivered via a webcam and or streamed or shared on the internet) an additional 15 minutes is available for every booking/appointment upon request at Kenneth Wyche’s (Ken’s) discretion. This is a free offering and is also not guaranteed.

Details of our refund policy can be found here.  

Cancellation policy

All formally scheduled virtual conferences and consultations only, not in-person bookings, are subject to this cancellation policy (not including Life with Ken on Substack founder members). By reserving time on Ken’s calendar you agree to the terms and conditions of this cancellation policy as well as the terms, conditions, disclaimers, policies in general, and privacy policy of Life with Ken. Ken (Kenneth Wyche) of Life with Ken reserves the right to cancel any booked appointment of any kind on his calendar at his discretion. All cancellations are subject to but are not required to result in a refund of money or similar compensation of any kind. Customers and clients are allowed to cancel an appointment up to one (1) hour before the fulfillment time of said appointment (the time at which the appointment is scheduled to take place). All online video conferencing appointments are allowed to be scheduled up to 90 days in advance. Appointments that are scheduled to happen after 30 calendar days (weekends included), that are canceled after an initial 30-day period (30 days after the initial appointment has been made but still prior to fulfillment time), will only receive a 50% return on of the cost of the appointment not including any tips and or other gifts associated with said appointment. All other appointment time frames will receive a full 100% refund [guarantee] in the event of a cancellation from either party (yours or Ken’s) so long as it’s done so prior to one (1) hour before the appointment time. Any appointments that are cancelled by a customer/client (1. person who’s name is on the booked appointment or 2. is associated with the form of payment for said appointment) within one (1) hour of fulfillment will receive no refund. If Ken cancels an appointment within one (1) hour of fulfillment the customer/client will have the option of a full refund or to reschedule the appointment once for free. If the customer/client decides to reschedule the appointment and cancels within one (1) hour of fulfillment there will be no refund. If in this same circumstance of a free reschedule, Ken cancels the appointment within one (1) hour of fulfillment there will be a full 100% refund on the cost of the appointment including any tips and or gifts associated with it. All no-shows (customers/clients who for whatever reason don’t cancel or reschedule their appointment and do not attend at the agreed upon time) will not receive a refund. All customers and clients can book multiple appointments within the time slots made available at any given time. All online video conference appointments are immediately accepted and placed on Ken’s calendar. Any appointments that do not have any notes or additional information on them about their purpose and or nature may be subject to immediate rejection. All rejections from Ken are subject to the same rules listed in this cancellation policy for cancellations by Ken except that rejects are grounds for and triggers an immediate 100% refund for the cost of the appointment and any and all tips or gifts associated with it. You can find additional information on bookings and consultations with Ken (Kenneth Wyche) on Life with Ken’s “Bookings” and “Privacy Policy” pages.