Affirmations that Actually Work

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Studies have shown that affirmations can have mixed results. When used correctly affirmations can be very effective, when used incorrectly however, an “affirmation” can be negatively impactful. This article talks about how an affirmation can have either no effect or an adverse one on someone who has a low self-esteem. This is an example of why it’s important to have an awareness of what you are doing.

A proper application of an affirmation is to manifest your desires. Our brains create new neural pathways in the present. This means you can use an effective affirmation to reprogram your thinking in the present and become more of your true self. Your personality is solidified in your early childhood. By five (5) years old you pretty much know who you are. What happens is the nouns of life indoctrinate you and potentially cause your undeveloped mind to believe things about yourself that aren’t true.

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