Dreamers Dream

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an artistic depiction of Joseph from the bible wearing his coat of many colors. dream, dreamer, and dreams.

Everyone dreams, and no I am not talking about goal setting or being aspirational (those these tend to parallel). I am talking about the psychological activity that happens when you and I fall asleep at night. It’s no question among scientists and researchers that all humans dream. What’s up for debate within the scientific community is the purpose of dreams. There are several psychological theories on dreams and dreaming, most popular being Sigmund Freud’s theory of dreams.

The theory of dreams state that your dreams are a window into your unconscious that reveal your desires, wants, and inclinations. Freud popularized dream interpretation as a way to understand what is happening in your unconscious. A prevalent modern theory of dreams is that dreams are just electrical brain impulses that string thoughts, memories, and experiences together. What we know is that dreams are a physiological and psychological experience of a conscious sleep state.

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