Feature not a Bug

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What you go through is there to shape you. I can recall at the beginning of my sales career being told to “fire clients.” The idea behind that is just like you want to have clarity in terms of the people you do want to work with, you also need to have clarity in understanding the people you don’t want to work with as well. Even earlier in my youth it was said to me that the good thing about knowing what you don’t want to do, is that you know what you don’t want to do. In the formative years of your life you may not be able to comprehend that some of the negative things you go through aren’t just misfortunes, but rather they are purposeful misfortunes, not a bug but a feature.

If you didn’t or don’t experience certain trials and tribulations you wouldn’t have a concept of better. No matter your status in life someone somewhere is always doing better than you. No matter your status in life someone somewhere is always doing worse than you as well. Sometimes it’s of benefit for you to acknowledge the “normalcies” of life. The word normal can get a bad rap because of its definitive nature but in life there are things that are standard, usual, typical, and to be expected.

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