How to Deal with Doubt

how to deal with doubt

Do you struggle with doubt? Doubt is when you have an uncertainty about something. It is when what you thought you were sure about does not seem so sure. Doubt is an attack on your convictions. A renegade thought that is out of alignment with what you believe.

One of the most insidious characteristics of doubt is that it can be rooted in reality. What do you do when the world around you causes you to doubt? Maybe you have a goal that you want to achieve and you are doing everything you can to accomplish that goal, but nothing seems to be working. That is doubt.

Maybe you were asked to do something because of a certain skill set you possess. But as it gets closer to you executing on that task you begin to question whether you could perform at your best. That is doubt. Or maybe even, you gave up on a dream because what you wanted and what life was giving you, were completely different and totally out of alignment. That is doubt.

Doubt wants you to give up. Doubt will look for and present evidence contrary to what you believe, solely for the purpose of you giving up on that belief. Doubt hits you where it hurts, your identity. If you lose confidence in who you are you lose confidence in what you can do. And if you lose confidence in what you can do, you will not do anything new, inspiring, or pioneering.

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