Why it is Important To Be Resilient

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Being resilient means being elastic. Its toughness. You bend but you don’t break. My grandmother would say, “you have to be able to take a licking and keep on ticking.” Its emotional strength and conviction. Its grit. It’s a decided belief that you cannot and will not fail.

You need to be resilient because one of the inevitabilities of life is coming up against opposition. You will have challenges. As long as you are alive something somewhere that is unfavorable will rear its ugly head. What are you going to do when your problems come for you?

It’s important that I talk about this because while I focus on being healthy and having the right mindset mostly, life can sometimes be unforgiving. What do you do when things are not going in your direction?

I can be competitive. It’s not really a problem for me as much as it can be an issue for those I am around. That being said, I think it’s okay to say that having a competitive mindset has surely contributed to my ability to survive and navigate life. I’ve had no other option but to be resilient.Failure is not a permanent condition; and I would rather not use my labeling power for negativity.

The Bible says that the first job God gave Adam was to name all the animals. You have the power to dictate to and or label things in your life. Who do you call you? What do you label yourself as? I have never found it comforting identifying as a failure.

Resilience is having passion and perseverance. You must be willing to persevere for what you’re passionate [have a strong emotion] about. Typically, people have passion, but they do not have perseverance. Passion is what gets you started, but perseverance is what keeps you going.

You must learn to be able to endure. This comes from having resolve. Anyone who does not stand for anything will fall for everything. Where is your proverbial line in the sand? What is the thing that you are unwilling to capitulate on?

Why do you do what you do? Who you are is more important than what you do; however, what you do should be informed by who you are.  

Does who you are dictate to what you are doing? Resilient people label their circumstances rather than giving into the reverse. This can be aligned with having a growth mindset.

I may have failed at something, but I myself am not a failure.

Do you believe that about yourself? What do you do in the face of opposition? How can you become more resilient?

These are things that we have to develop as individuals. What has worked for me may not work for you; There are vast and unique ways to build resolve. However, one thing that I think is required, is you must at the very least, hold yourself in high regard.

Are you accountable, and do you have follow through power? Being able to follow through-do what you said you would do-as often as possible is something that I think is important. One sure way to build resilience in yourself is to commit to yourself, this especially includes what you say.

You are a spiritual being having a physical experience meaning, you are not tethered to your reality. What you see is not all that is. That is why the most important person that can speak life into your situation is you. Don’t look for from others what you aren’t willing to do for yourself.

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Updated June 18, 2023

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