Building Muscle and Strength

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There is a lot of gray space in physical fitness. It’s difficult to get the best of both worlds in health in general but in training specifically. As a novice in working out I did it because it was the thing to do. For me in my youth a lot of what I did, I did to stay active, have friends, find validation what have you. Working out, playing sports, and being physically active for right or wrong was just something to do as opposed to something I took seriously.

It just so happened that I like doing it for a myriad of reasons. Now in my fitness journey I find myself unpacking some of those reasons, figuring out if those reasons are still the case or relevant to me, and creating a new formative understanding of why I want to be fit. Like many things fitness has to come with a motivating factor. And like anything that is motivated by something, once your thinking changes your motivations may begin to change as well. Which may influence your desires for what you were originally motivated to do.

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