What You Believe Matters

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what you believe matters

What you believe Matters. It sets the course for the trajectory of your life. It’s your guide. If you believe well your life goes well. It’s your absolute. When you uncover the condition of your heart what you find is your guiding star. This is your foundation. This is what you revert to internally after everyone is done saying their piece about you and giving you their two cents.

All of us should know what we believe and why we believe it. If you do not stand for anything you will fall for everything. Identity moratorium is not a place to settle. The older you get the more imperative it is that you make a decision about your life. How you choose to live and who you choose to be, should be a realized position at some point in your life. You do not want or need someone coming into your life and telling you how to live, and you believing them.

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Originally Published December 16, 2022

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