What the Heck is Resurrection Power Anyway?

Happy Holy Week! The Easter season is here, and Resurrection Sunday is fast approaching. I love this time of year. Do not ask me why because I would not be able to give a full in-depth answer at this point in my life however, Jesus is the reason for the season! This coming Sunday people around the world will celebrate Jesus doing the literal impossible and getting up from a death bed.

I do not know about you, but admittedly, I have never witnessed a human being that looks like me, eats food like me, uses the restroom like me, feels like me, and breathes air through their nose and sends it to their lungs the same way that I and the other 8 billion people on this floating rock do; Die, and then suddenly, while their blood is coagulating, their skin is growing pale, and their body is starting to stink, just get up and pretend like they were taking a nap.

Miracles happen every day, and as a recipient of many miracles I am not saying it is not possible. There are several stories of someone being brought back to life on a hospital bed. CPR and defibrillation are examples of how we resurrect in the natural. What I am implying here today however is, there are some things in our lives that are dead, and we simply cannot just jump start them like a car.

What do you do when we are in a season that represents things coming back to life, but those things that you once had faith for still lie dormant and dead? You see, the only way for something to come back to life is if at some point in its existence that something once lived. These are the types of things I think about in this season because if we were honest with ourselves for a minute, how many times have you worked for something only for it to die anyway?

Maybe you had a vision to start a business, or get married, or to move to a different state/country. Maybe you have always wanted kids, and you have tried and tried and tried but that area of your life has remained perpetually barren. Eventually, after all of your trying you get tired and ultimately you give up. When that happens, what was once an aspiration, becomes a pipe dream – There is no chance that it will come to pass, and even if it does at this point in your life… you rather resent the thought.

I do not know about you, but after I have given up hope, the last thing I want is someone to encourage me to believe again. It hurts to believe. Its difficult to presuppose something that was never predestined. I do not want to have faith for something that my life says will never happen and is a waste of my time. I rather put that energy to good use and think about things that are more realistic, make sense, and is not a pie-in-the-sky idea.

This is truly a predicament.

Where does resurrection power come into play in this situation? Jesus was only dead for 3 days; your dream may have been dead now for over 30 years. It’s not much, nor do I wish to be accused of being the person that caused you to believe again however, within this context, I think it’s important for us to visit/learn from someone who lived out this exact scenario.

Sarah was the wife of Abraham in the book of Genesis in the Bible. Sarah and Abraham were well into their 100s when the Lord appeared to them and said that Sarah would give birth to a son. That idea was so outlandish, that Sarah laughed at God. Sarah thought that there was no way. She and Abraham had been married for a long time by the time God gave them this promise, and all Sarah ever wanted was to give Abraham a child. So much so, that she made one of her maids sleep with Abraham so that they may have a child together.

Giving birth was a desire in Sarah’s heart that she just could not shake; and so, once she was able to finally move past that failure in her life, the last thing she probably wanted to hear or believe from someone was that she was going to have a child. What do you do, when God tells you something contrary to your life circumstances? Sarah laughed.

But it’s not Sarah’s laughter that should encourage us today, it’s God’s response. When God noticed Sarah laughing, he said: “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” (Genesis 18:14). At this point, Sarah had stopped menstruating for at least 50 years. For all intent and purposes Sarah’s womb was dead to the point where it had never known life and under normal circumstances would never know life again. But God declared that she would yet bare a child and in a year’s time. The story ends with Sarah having a child and her and Abraham naming the boy Isaac just as God had commanded.

God resurrected Sarah’s womb long after she had given up on it. Are there things in your life that you have “given up” on, but you still have a desire for? This Easter, I believe God wants us to experience His Resurrection Power. The interesting implication of resurrection is that what rises from the dead, is the same thing that was buried.

After Jesus was buried after being crucified, when He rose from the dead [resurrected] on the third day, He was exactly the same. He still had the piercings in His hands and feet, and He still had the pierced side. He was the same, but at the same time He was not. When Jesus rose from the dead, he said in Matthew 28:18: “Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.”. Resurrection is not about old life being restored to an old vessel; it’s about new life being given to an old vessel.

If something has died in your life that you once had a real desire for, it’s not because it was never meant to live, but rather, it’s because God wants it to live differently.    

What was so significant about Isaac’s life, that God was determined to bring him forth through Abraham and Sarah? God’s intention through Abraham and Sarah was to build a nation. Isaac, the only son of Abraham and Sarah meaning, the only way God’s plan was going to work, was the father of Jacob who became Israel, who had 12 sons that all had families and became the ‘Nation of Israel’.

If it was not for this first resurrection in Sarah’s womb, there would have been no resurrection of Jesus from His death on the cross. This is resurrection power. This is what the Easter season is really all about – bringing dead things back to life to fulfill a new purpose.

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