Changing Traditions

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We all have traditions or rituals. Things that we like to do. Things that we have done in a particular way for years. Or things that may have been passed down to us from our families. As you get older, sometimes those traditions do not necessarily lose value, but rather, may not fit in your life the way they once did. Especially around the holidays, it can be commonplace for a person to reconsider the norm.

Maybe you are tired of going to your in-laws for dinner. Maybe you have kids now and dynamics have changed. As you grow and develop the requirements of your life do the same. Traditions and responsibilities do not always align. Just because things have been done one way does not mean they need to continue to be done that way. Sometimes you want to do things differently just for the sake of it.

Embrace the new. New things tend to come with some good things too. You may find you like doing things a new way. You may even uncover new interests or start your own traditions. Having and creating traditions for yourself is part of growing up. You cannot stay a kid forever. People age. And as they do they need to do something with their life. All of us are creatures of habit. Every now and again you need new habits.

Embracing something new does not mean forgetting something old. One of the things that make traditions sticky is their familiarity. Because you know how and have grown accustomed to doing one thing, changing, and doing something else can be daunting. You can honor an old tradition with a new one. Sometimes that is the best thing to do. As you evolve and grow allow the things that you do to do the same. Your growth should be holistic.

If you are doing something that no longer serves you stop doing it. You do not want to sacrifice yourself in the name of a tradition. Behaviors can change. Attitudes and dispositions can change. Respect yourself enough to allow yourself to do something different.

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