I Can’t Breathe – What being a Black Man has felt like Recently

Life in America has been a whirlwind recently. With the killing of George Floyd on top of a pandemic and mass unemployment, anger has engulfed her people. I have been angry. At a lot and for a lot of reasons. There is this story in the bible about a young ruler named Samson. He wasContinue reading “I Can’t Breathe – What being a Black Man has felt like Recently”

How to Survive the Coronavirus Quarantine

Originally posted March 26 2020 This coronavirus pandemic is draining. It feels as though no matter where we turn, the coronavirus scourge has permeated every single part of our lives. One cannot even go outside without being impacted by the eeriness of the atmosphere. And what was once a quick trip in going to aContinue reading “How to Survive the Coronavirus Quarantine”

How to Deal with Grieving and Loss

We are currently towards the end of week 5/6 depending on location, of the coronavirus quarantine. And while we can finally start to see some light at the end of the tunnel, as a society there is a myriad of challenges that we should be gearing up to face as social distancing guidelines begin toContinue reading “How to Deal with Grieving and Loss”