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Do you currently or have you ever desired more for your life? The world we live in will flaunt and parade success in our faces as if it’s sold at your local bodega. Fact of the matter is the rags to riches story that we are spoon fed is not one that is uniform in size or design. If life was as easy as we are supposed to believe it is, the world would not be in such disarray. The problem is that as an individual you have wants, needs, desires, and passions, that are unique to you.

The word desire broken down means “of the father”; There are things that have been placed in you that want to come forth through you. You are a spiritual being having a physical experience meaning there is more to life than what meets the eye, and there is more to you than what meets the eye. Society from an early age programs us to believe, think, and function in a particular way that makes us put ourselves in a box (let alone others).

The Pursuit of Passion teaches you how to achieve tangible success in your personal life in a real way that will have a real impact not just directly but indirectly as well. As you begin to grow and become better, the people around you will begin to do the same. Real success is found in personal development, and as you do the inner work necessary to live a life of fullness and wholeness, it will manifest itself materially in ways that will take you from one level of glory to another.


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