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Do you currently or have you ever desired more for your life? The world we live in will flaunt and parade success in your face as if it’s sold at your local market. The fact of the matter is the rags to riches story that you were spoon fed is not one that is uniform. What if success was more than a story? What if success was a habit? And what if that habit was something you could do every day and reap and experience the rewards thereof?

The Pursuit of Passion is a book that seeks to democratize success. Being all that you were created to be should not be an opportunity for a select few, It should be the standard. Countries were founded on this principle. The problem is standardized success is anti-status quo. The running theory is everyone cannot be successful, there must be the haves and have nots. The people who do not have certain things are pacified and neutralized into believing that they cannot excel beyond their exigent circumstances. Living in lack/want is a mindset. Those who have all they could ever need, want, and or ask for are not concerned about not having, they are focused on not losing.

If life was as easy as you are supposed to believe it is, the world would not be in such disarray. You have wants, needs, desires, and passions, that are unique to you. The word desire broken down means “Of the Father”; there are things that have been placed in you that want to come forth through you. Not every matter is a material one. If you can get past stuff and get to purpose, through discipline, the stuff will come to you. Regardless of how fair life is or isn’t, achieving the highest heights of your potential is possible.

The Pursuit of Passion focuses on how to achieve tangible success in your personal life in a real way that will have a real impact not just directly but indirectly as well. As you begin to grow and become better, the people around you will begin to do the same. Real success is found in personal development, and as you do the inner work necessary to live a life of fullness and wholeness, it will manifest itself materially in ways that will take you from one level to the next.

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