Financial Literacy Course


The Financial Literacy Course (FLC) is a course on the fundamentals of personal finance.


The Financial Literacy Course or FLC is a course on the fundamentals of personal finance. Overall everyone has a responsibility to manage their money but often times not everyone knows how. The FLC gives a relatively broad encapsulation of the concept of money. Additionally the FLC explores the value in a healthy relationship with money in general.

We created this course to help people gain control of their financial life. Your money is one of the few resources that touch every area of your life. We believe that if you can have a healthy relationship with your money, then you can improve your financial life and subsequently your life as a whole.

Life with Ken’s roots are in financial literacy, and we try to be true to form as often as we can. The FLC is not comprehensive from the perspective of having lessons on everything that there is to know about money however, we take a deep dive into high level concepts around money and personal finance in a way that is approachable and made easy to comprehend.

The value of the content included in this course is scalable and well worth north of $200. We don’t think that knowing how one of your most influential resources functions should be premium content.

You may be completely unfamiliar with the conceptualization of money or want to enhance your knowledge on the subject. Or maybe you want a more dynamic presentation of this type of information. Whatever the case we want you to allow inspiration from this content.

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Disclaimer: The Financial Literacy Course is NOT financial advice. This is content designed to supplement your existing knowledge. Speak to your own financial advisor for anything related to your finances personal, business, or otherwise.


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