The Pursuit of Passion (Excerpt)

Over the next few days and possibly couple of weeks, I am going to be releasing content directly related to my new book “The Pursuit of Passion: How to Sequence your Life for Success“. There is some amazing content in there that I know your life is going to be changed by when you purchaseContinue reading “The Pursuit of Passion (Excerpt)”

How to Shift Your View on Success and Obtain it Regularly

Success is the process of failing forward. For you to want to be successful you must be willing to fail. While there are varying degrees of success, the common denominator in the lives of successful people are the lessons’ learned and the application of that experience. Do you have limiting beliefs that are inhibiting yourContinue reading “How to Shift Your View on Success and Obtain it Regularly”

How to Make your Dreams a Reality

My brand is all about helping people make their dreams a reality. I believe that it is possible for people to live in a state of perpetual prosperity. What I mean by that is, regardless of what your bank account may look like, and regardless of what your life circumstances may be, it is possibleContinue reading “How to Make your Dreams a Reality”

How to Have and Keep a Goal

Are you familiar with burnout? Burnout is a feeling of being physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted. You have no will to continue. This happens when you allow yourself to get overwhelmed by the various environmental stimuli in your life. Sometimes, you can fatigue your spirit as well. Maybe you were hoping for something good toContinue reading “How to Have and Keep a Goal”

How to Deal with Doubt

Do you struggle with doubt? Doubt is when you have an uncertainty about something. It is when what you thought you were sure about does not seem so sure. Doubt is an attack on your convictions. A renegade thought that is out of alignment with what you believe. One of the most insidious characteristics ofContinue reading “How to Deal with Doubt”

Why it is important to be resilient

Resilience is my superpower. It is the one thing that when all else fails that I can fall back on. Its like if you have ever done a trust fall; you fall back and there someone is to catch you. That someone for me is resilience. Being resilient means being elastic. Its toughness. I bendContinue reading “Why it is important to be resilient”

How to have a Healthy and Effective Work Life Balance that Yields RESULTS

Do you constantly feel as though you are low on energy? Do you want to pursue your dreams but life seems to always get in the way? I am going to show you how to start making your life reflect what is important to you. For a lot of us, we fall victim to allowing peopleContinue reading “How to have a Healthy and Effective Work Life Balance that Yields RESULTS”

The Value in Adding Value

What if I told you, that the fastest way for you to start making more money is by making money the least essential part of what you do and why you do it? The common denominator when it comes to successful businesses and individuals alike, is their capacity to give to others. How much one givesContinue reading “The Value in Adding Value”

Does College Still Have the Same Bang for it’s Buck

Originally posted July 14th 2019 As college students enter graduation season, a lot of them will be graduating into a work force a that is nonexistent. With the recent economic down turn, opportunities for post graduate employment have diminished. Because of this, some graduates will be left with an insurmountable amount of debt with noContinue reading “Does College Still Have the Same Bang for it’s Buck”

How Millennials are Redefining the Workplace

I recently wrote about how millennials are not connecting with religion the same way that our parents or even grandparents do. Might I propose, that the same is true when it comes to work. How they view work and industry versus how previous generations do is changing. For the longest, I use to believe thatContinue reading “How Millennials are Redefining the Workplace”