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Confidence isn’t always acquired, sometimes its discovered. Sometimes the only way in life is to support yourself. Confidence is, “with-fidelity.” After everyone and everything else in your life falls short of what’s required for you to excel, the final option is to have fidelity in and with yourself. You must support you. Sometimes that does look like being selfish. Sometimes that does look like saying “no” even though you could say “yes.” Here’s a little secret, the people, places, and things that aren’t supporting you are already doing the same thing.

The noun that said “no” to you, probably could have easily said “yes.” The noun that used you for its personal gain or prioritized themselves over you, didn’t lose a wink of sleep. Sometimes your self support comes from looking around and seeing no one there. This is why getting your mind right is invaluable as it relates to you getting the most out of your life. Because you need to be able to think straight and make objectively good decisions.

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