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In life you must be able to think differently. Or at least be able to perceive other perceptions. Everyone doesn’t think the same as you, and in reality, that is a blessing. When I was younger I used to think that the world would be a better place if everyone thought like I did. The only problem with that is too much of the same thing is annoying. I don’t like “yes people.” Yes people are people who don’t have a thought of their own, or if they do they aren’t articulate or knowledgeable enough to voice their opinion for themselves.

Individuality has also always been my jam. So, within that context you can see the trouble I may have had with wanting everyone to think like me, while at the same time being a big proponent of individualism. In some ways I guess I got both but ultimately individuality won that internal conflict. The good news about people being independent thinkers is that they can contribute other frames of thought to a conversation or idea.

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