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Focus is one of if not your most powerful attribute. What you focus on you materialize. This is similar to Law of Attraction. Focus is about centering your attention on and or around something. This is valuable because your attention creates your reality. The content of your focus isn’t as salient as the context of your focus. What you pay attention to doesn’t matter as much as the type of attention you pay. If your focus on something is negative you are materializing negativity. If your focus on something is positive you are materializing positivity. This is why it’s called “paying attention.” When you pay for something that is an exchange or transaction. You are getting a good or service for your money. In the same way when you pay attention you are getting something, hopefully of equivalent exchange, for your focus.

The Law of Attraction is a universal law. It simply states that like things attract. Those like things attract because of the frequency at which they vibrate. This can be referred to as a flow. Depending on your frequency you can flow in the same flow or frequency as the thing you want to attract into your life. Everything has its own flow or frequency. This is referred to as the Law of Vibration. Focus differs from this because it’s more concerned about what you think about where and how you’re flowing. More often than not these are typically emotions. Where your emotions radiate and reside is where your focus or centralized attention is located. And where your attention is, so is your conscious.

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