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Kenneth with skills demonstrating that there is no silver bullet.

Sometimes it can seem as though everyone has the silver bullet. The proverbial everyone seems to be able to find and get paid a salary in 2 months, whereas for the rest of the masses it takes a full 52 weeks. One time I saw a post about a 16-year-old who was earning 6 figures while still in high school. The profile who made that post tried to use the story as motivation when in reality if true, that would have been the furthest of furthest outliers. No one trick works that well. And if you’ve ever investigated one of those get rich quick schemes you’d notice that typically there is always some type of catch.

What happens is people see and read things like that and they buy into it. The sentiment becomes real because people make it real. We are all liable to buying into a non-reality. I’ve done it before. And it’s not always about getting rich quick, sometimes you want something new and or you are tired of being disillusioned by the facts of your life. Here is an uncomfortable truth: life is hard. Sometimes an opportunity comes along, and it looks good, but it’s a mirage.

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