How to Shift your View on Success and Obtain it Regularly

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Do you have limiting beliefs that are inhibiting your breakthroughs and or blocking ability to have success? Do you struggle with trying to be the person you would truly like to be? Have you ever wished that you had the same level of courage as someone else who is doing what you would like to be doing?

You can attain the level of success you desire. The word “des-ire” means “of the Father” meaning, that your desires would not have been put in you if they were not meant to be fulfilled through you.

The traditional view of success is materialism. Objectively speaking when you ask an average person what success is, they are likely to say a nice car, a house, a good paying job, a beautiful spouse etc. While those things can be an indication of success, what makes someone successful goes deeper than the number of bills they have to pay per month, or the assets and liabilities on their balance sheet.

Success doesn’t just have to be things. It can also be meaning and a personally enjoyable high quality of life. Quality of life refers to how you live on a daily basis as a person, and not the accoutrements that accent your life.

Keep your Eyes on the Prize

You must overcome your mental barriers. Anything worth having is worth pursuing. The only way you fail is if you quit. Suspend your unbelief and start asking yourself “why not me and why not now?”. Can you envision your compelling future? Success is about living in the fullness of yourself and allowing your passions to inform your identity.

It’s important to position yourself in a place where success is drawn to you. In challenging times it can be tough to see the light at the end of the tunnel; However, it is important to know that there is always one there.

Sometimes the challenge we have in our pursuit of success is that we cannot see the forest for the trees. We get so caught up in our day to day that we lose our drive.

This is because we allow ourselves lose focus. You must know your “why.” Your why is your motivation, it is your hope; The reason you get out of bed every day.

The Power of a Breakthrough

It’s your responsibility to ensure for yourself that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Your setbacks are just setups for your comebacks.

In those instances, you are in position to have a breakthrough!

A breakthrough is a sudden circumstance change in your favor. As a result, what was once impeding you is no longer opposition for you. Sometimes a breakthrough can materialize and sometimes it’s a change in perspective. The value in a breakthrough is the impact it has on your perception. A breakthrough will renew your hope.

One of my breakthroughs was realizing I had my number one commodity back, which is time, after being laid off due to Covid-19; and that I never wanted to sell my time for less than what I valued it to be worth ever again.

What is that thing that you want to attain? And are you in a place to receive it? You shift your view on success by giving yourself the right to be successful.

The Value of Gratitude

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You have to want yourself to achieve something. And that thing that you want to achieve should be in consideration of others. Gratitude is a key ingredient in perpetuating success.

Success is not money or things. Success is a character trait. I have become increasingly more thankful for the opportunities that I get to give and provide value to someone else.

Big victories are not big because of their scale and scope. Big victories are big because of the discipline that comes before the opportunity. The equation to success is hard work + luck.

When you are engaging in successful habits those habits will make room for you to encounter bigger opportunities to excel and serve others. The reality is, success does not come rapidly nor is it always grandiose, but it can come consistently.

Put Yourself in a Position to be Successful

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Success is rooted in discipline.

An example of a successful person is someone who makes their bed everyday. Making your bed every day put’s you in a place to be successful because you will have already accomplished something before the day even starts.

If you can accomplish one task, it will make you more inclined to want to accomplish more.

And while how you quantify your success should not be tethered in your ability to accomplish a task, the value of your success should be in the meaning of that task.

Why would a person find value in making their bed in the morning? Because at the very least, at the end of a long day you know you have a made bed waiting for you.

By shifting your focus from success that is rooted in results, to success that is rooted in disciplined activities and systems that lead to desired results; You will begin to see constant success, and will create for yourself opportunities to be successful on a larger scale.

We engage in generating consistent success for ourselves is by doing things that we are passionate about. If you are passionate about something the success will come.

Live with Passion

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Passion drives motivation, motivation drives discipline, and discipline drives success. I’ve never actively decided to put a system in place for something I had no interest in.

If you are not willing to get better at something, then that something isn’t’ your passion.

Start making small yet intentional behavioral changes. For me that looks like working out consistently, reading regularly, and creating space for the things I value. Also utilize accountability partners to assist in keeping you on track and focused on growth.

Success is available to all of us, and we achieve it by first redefining it, and secondly, by adopting disciplined and intentional actions in areas of our lives that matter.

Let your passions drive you to a place of abundance and gratitude and position you to both receive and provide breakthrough opportunities.

Remember, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, the question is whether or you are willing to pursue it.

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Updated August 1, 2023

Originally Published March 7, 2020

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