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own your stuff like this family owns their home.
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There is a correlation between ownership and wealth. Objectively speaking, the more you own the wealthier you are. This is why we have terms like “production” and “means of production.” Means of production implies ownership. You own the tools and resources necessary for the creation of goods and or services. Production is the creation. Creation and means for creation, the tools necessary thereof, have been separated as a way to control wealth. Your average person in the 21st century doesn’t own the means of production for their labor.

And with subscription models certain entrepreneurs may never truly own the means of production for their labor and will just be permanent renters. This is a clear example of late-stage capitalism, the haves keep the have nots from having but feed them seeds of hope and tell them that they can [have]. It’s wealth capture. What you create is valuable but if you’re an average worker within the context of a corporate structure specifically, not exclusively, you miss out on that value every day because you don’t own anything.

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