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Keeping hope alive is a materially ineffective pursuit. You may recall this phrase from civil rights activist and presidential candidate Reverend Jesse Jackson. What contributes to the impotency of keeping hope alive is the nature of hope itself. Hope is passive. Typically said in finance in reference to trading the market, but also used elsewhere, is that hope is not a strategy. Hoping is losing. Once you start hoping it’s time to sell (proverbially, NOT financial advice). Now there are redeeming qualities to hope and hoping, but generally speaking it’s important that your hope is put in its proper place.

I would argue that far more valuable than hope, is justice. Justice is active. Justice can be pursued in the here and now. One doesn’t have to wait for someone to give you justice. You can demand justice. You can march for justice. When you notice an injustice you can speak out against it, in pursuit of justice. These two things are far less semantical than it appears. Justice is fair or right treatment; hope is a feeling…

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