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With the advent of Artificial Intelligence or AI, and the conditions of late-stage capitalism more and more workers are being left out of the proverbial camp. Being a contributing member of society in some countries is becoming or has become the new ideal. In America for example, the American dream was typically historically a house, a spouse, two and a half kids, a dog, and two cars. In 2023 that dream has become a pipe dream. The new dream by the product of several contributing factors is to be able to effectively contribute what you have to offer and be compensated respectfully for doing so.

Greed in high places has eroded human dignity. If you can’t afford an emergency expense or enjoy the fruits of your labor in some capacity you are missing out in part if not in whole on the meaning of life. And regardless of how subjective you think the meaning of life is, the common denominator for a plurality of people on this topic is, to be able to experience some degree of happiness as often as possible.

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