Dealing with Other People’s Insecurities

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In psychology there is a human behavior identified as projection. Projection is when a person instead of admitting to and owning their feelings, emotions, and beliefs blame or abdicate that responsibility to some other noun. For example, let’s say you wear your hair a certain way, and someone you know almost always has some type of negative reaction to your hairstyle. On top of being a hater, that person may also be projecting their internal feelings onto you because you’re confident and or comfortable enough to be yourself in a way that they are not.

When they see you they see either what they want to be, or what they know they can’t be. And that stirs up some type of internal conflict in that person that they don’t have the wherewithal to embrace and or handle themselves, so they project those feelings onto you. Not all criticism comes from a good place. You may be living your life right now based off something someone with less creativity and ability said to you because they projected those feelings onto you; and you listened because you trust that person. Hurt people hurt people; that includes your people too. 

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