SCOTUS and the Future of America

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SCOTUS, Supreme Court of the United States
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This week has been pretty significant for the highest court in the land in the United States. The Supreme Court of the United States on the week of June 25, 2023, effectively ended Affirmative Action and blocked President Joe Biden’s Student loan forgiveness plan. These two rulings are following their 2022 decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. This animation in the court to go after at least in two of the aforementioned rulings, years of precedent and what many feel are fundamental in the relative plights of those affected by these decisions’, rights as a U.S citizen and human, has brought into question the legitimacy of this institution.

I’m not one to query over the validity of something enshrined in a nation’s founding document. That being said one can’t deny that something is afoot. This is the most conservative court based on their decisions, that the U.S has had since 1930-1931. Do you know what was happening in the world in 1930-1931? The Great Depression. At the height of the Great Depression around 25% if not more of U.S citizens were broke-no money had or to be found. Today in a reminiscent fashion companies are laying off workers by the droves, virtually all markets are unstable, and inflation is the highest its been in years. As we in America find ourselves in this confluence of existential moments it’s interesting to consider the fact that history often repeats itself.

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