God in the Struggle

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The hardest thing to accomplish is inner peace. The absurdity of life is everlasting. Jesus tells us that in this world we will struggle and or have trials but that he has overcome those things. How does one overcome life’s barrage of trials? One of the interesting things about Jesus is that he is fully divine and fully human. During his time on earth he got to experience [with us] the human condition. A common mode of transportation back then was boat travel. The gospels account at least two times where the winds of life within the context of a body of water causes an interference with one or more of the individuals with Christ’s sense of self.

In the face of wind, Peter sunk (Matthew 14:22-33). In the face of wind, Jesus lost some sleep (Mark 4:35-41). Seeing wind on the water is significant because of the clarity of the vestige it provides. Wind over water still creates waves. Your perception of wind over land could get distorted by other contributing factors to the storm, mainly particles and debris. Wind over water has such a unique simplicity to it that it’s one of the ways God first introduces himself to us in Genesis.

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