Don’t Waste your Breath

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waste breath
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Some things are better left unsaid. Not because they are not of value, but because no one is listening. Have you ever been in a situation where you are speaking to someone and you can see their eyes glaze over, or you can hear a lack of interest in their response? People can get accustomed to hearing themselves speak. This doesn’t have to be literal (though it can be), people can gravitate towards things that confirm their biases.

If you are not saying things to a person that align with their ideology, that experience can devolve into speaking to a brick wall. Not everyone values or wants to hear what you have to say. The good news is their lack of interest and or receptivity doesn’t hinder your ability to share what’s been placed in you to. This is where conflict can emerge. Sometimes regardless of someone else’s rigidity you’re still called to speak up or say something anyway. When you live in an authentic manner, sometimes what’s on your mind isn’t what’s circulating in the general zeitgeist at that time.

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