How to Be Better at Relationships

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friends at the park how to be better at relationships
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You need to understand that a relationship is a team sport. It takes at least two to be in a relationship. This means that it isn’t always the other person’s fault. I start with this because relationships are something that you can constantly improve at. As an adult you take responsibility for your actions. In a relationship you are not always the saint, and the other person isn’t always the sinner.

The first way to get better at relationships is to understand who you are as a person. Before I explore this point further, I want to start by unpacking what it means to be “better at relationships.” The Bible, and specifically Jesus, says that we are to love our neighbors as ourselves. Imagine starting every relationship you have from that perspective. Every person you meet, you are to treat them as you are them and they are you. This is the foundation to better relationships.

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