Choosing Over Feeling

There is a whole list of things I didn’t feel like doing today. When I woke up this morning I thought to myself “is it really only Wednesday?” Life can be a drag sometimes. The existential things that I think about are, will I ever reach the pinnacle of success I want? Can I keep writing about self-improvement two-three times a week for the next 50 years? Sometimes I don’t feel like cooking so then I wonder am I going to eat that day and if so what? Sometimes I don’t feel like taking care of myself or the people in my immediate sphere of influence.

I work 12+ hour days every day. And you know what, sometimes I’m like I don’t feel like writing an article today, or a twitter thread, or creating a new product. Maybe you can relate, but sometimes you end up having responsibilities that no one ever said you would have. In my prayer time when I talk to God sometimes I say, Lord I feel like just telling the truth.

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