How to Make Peace-filled Decisions

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Have you ever heard someone say or tweet, “protect/keep your peace”? This is common phraseology used within various communities that means to hold dear and prioritize a lack of disturbance in your life. Peace means tranquility or the period where there is no war. On your life journey you need peace. Peace is important because it represents a place where you can be sane.

Sometimes the things of life get on your nerves. And what’s worse is when they are unavoidable. People, places, and things will disturb your peace. One way to know your peace is disturbed is if you ever feel guilty about a decision that brings you peace. Your peace is not always convenient to someone or something else. But the caveat to this is your peace should be respected. If you are in a situation where your peace is not respected, it’s likely that you are not respected.

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