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Breakthrough is coming. The atmosphere is shifting. As you may have noticed, yesterday I did not publish a new article. The reason for this is significant and I want to discuss this with you. There will also be an official announcement in my weekly newsletter. If you do not know, we have a weekly newsletter here at Life with Ken where I write directly to you twice a week once on Monday in traditional newsletter form and once on Saturday as a recap of the events of the week. If you are not and would like to be, you can subscribe to that newsletter here.

This announcement will be made there as well. Life with Ken is deciding to stop doing articles on Wednesday. Since October 2022 my goal has been to get consistent. We had up to that point not been creating any content. When we started again I wanted to cement that behavior. I did that for a few reasons but primarily I wanted to make this more part of my lifestyle. Also being consistent in creating content would also improve my quality of content.

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