Don’t Lose Focus

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A vision board reminding you to not lose focus because of distractions.
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Sometimes in life you have to compete with distractions. While you may have certain priorities, the things of life do not always care about what you think is important. You may have a family that you care about, but your job needs you at the same time as your kid’s baseball game. You may have an important appointment somewhere but so does everyone else on the gridlocked highway. You may be working out or meditating, or enjoying quiet time, but some emergency pops up that breaks your focus.There are so many examples of things that try to rob your attention. 

Things come to distract you for a couple of reasons. For one, things just happen. I do not believe life is designed to hurt you. I believe that the universe is conspiring on your behalf. Good things are meant to come your way. That being said, nouns are not concerned with the good will of God/the universe for your life. This is in part why “bad things happen to good people.” You apply perception to your experience. When people, places, and things happen to you that’s an objective experience.

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