It’s Not How You Start It’s How You Finish

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2023 is in full swing. This is my first full article of the year and I want to get into the weeds. What do the fundamentals of your life look like at the top of this year? What type of dividend payment have you received from the work that you put in last year? Your life should be the depiction of a building being erected from the ground up. What does your construction site look like?

The building that is your life represents the culmination of everything you have been through and what you stand for. I think this is an ever-ongoing process through death. We are always being developed. In a way, that is part of the essence of life-to continue to learn, grow, and enhance. As you work on your life, that work should compound.

If you wake up every morning and get out of bed encouraged, inspired, driven, and determined, things should not stay the same. Something should improve as you go from one day to the next. Growth is like a puff pastry, there are multiple layers. Take some time to take inventory of your life this month and see where things are.

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