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Somethings in life are gray. Not gray as in sad, but gray as in difficult to distinguish. Throughout life we categorize things to better fit our perception of understanding. We call something one thing; we interact with another thing some other way. We behave in a certain way in response to what we perceive to be true. But none of it is real. It is what we understand to be consciousness and our interplay within it.

As you go through your life you can live firm in a belief about one thing but then the next day receive a new revelation on something that changes how you see what you thought you always believed. This is growth. Things change. Change is a natural part of life and comes with growing. Nothing is new under the sun, but nothing stays the same-a conundrum. Life is constantly moving, and you must learn how to move with it.

“Moving with life” does not mean necessarily changing your lifestyle. What it means is keeping up with the times. You cannot be rigid. Be adaptable. What is your role in a newly developed world? As long as you are living life does not leave you behind. New information, new technology, and new inventions have become ubiquitous with the passing of time. When you are alive through certain eras of the world you are part of that moment in history.

The question is not whether you will be in the history books, it’s who will you be in the history books? Will you be someone who made an impact in the era that they lived in? Or will you fade into obscurity? Relative relevance is important. It is not back in your day anymore.

This matters because even though the setting may change, the need does not. Your God given purpose is evergreen. You do not stop being purposeful because you feel ostracized from culture. You can still improve someone’s life. You can still improve your life. As long as you are still breathing your purpose still has meaning.

This is where fortitude of identity is valuable because what keeps you going in an ever-changing world is feeling as though you have a role in that world. You have to find your place in this new world. Figure out where your skills are most suitable for you and the greater needs of your role’s scope. Life can be gray in this way because sometimes you will not know exactly where you fit or what makes sense. You could be doing two opposite things at the same time looking for where your skillsets may almost perfectly align and take you to the places you’ve only been able to dream about.

Stay steady.

There is a lot more to life than you may think. Even though everything looks new, it’s just the same thing with a fresh coat of paint on it. Hold firm to your foundation. Be like the tree with strong roots that can endure any weather condition. You do not need to change who you are. Adjust how you interact with the world in response to what the world is becoming. Be professional, be polite, be learned. You can excel and be yourself equally without diminishing quality. Two things can be true at the same time.

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