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unfinished business

Sometimes you do not have the capacity for everything. You cannot always do this, that, that, the other thing, the thing over there, and that third thing, all at the same time. Sometimes you will have unfinished business. The worst part of having unfinished business is that there are times when that unfinished business needs to be finished. Just because you stop working on something does not mean that something does not need to continue to be worked on. In this scenario sometimes you may feel as if you are being neglectful. The first thing I want to encourage you with is, remember that you are only one person. Your ability has limits. That’s why you need rest.

Maybe you are working on something that requires more attention from you than you can afford to give it at the moment. Maybe it is also a challenge to find meaningful help. In these situations the best thing you can do is do the best that you can. It’s not that you have too much on your plate it’s that you have a lot of one thing on your plate. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. If you have eight priorities but three of them take up 20 of your hours something is going to be left on the cutting room floor.

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