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These days it seems like everyone has the silver bullet. On twitter I see profiles of people who make a salary and in 2 months become automatic gurus with landing pages and threads about how you can do it too. I saw one post about a 16-year-old who is earning 6 figures while still in high school. The profile who made that post tried to use the story as motivation when in reality if true, it is the furthest of furthest outliers. No one trick works. There is no get rich quick scheme.

What happens is people see and read this stuff and they buy into it. The sentiment becomes real because people make it real. I think most people would take an $80,000 salary in 6 months as opposed to 12. That being said however, the norm for a lot of people is working for their money 52 weeks out of the year. And the money the average person is working for is not $80,000, 52 weeks or otherwise. A really salient example of this is Sam Bankman-Fried or SBF and FTX.

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