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This is a topic that I have avoided for some time, but I think now is appropriate for me to enter the chat. I have not wanted to discuss this because I have felt as though there were more qualified individuals who would be better at potentially guiding you in how to start a blog or website. But things change. I have been doing this going on four years now (longer than I expected) and I think I have valuable information to share.

Not everyone’s experience in this space is or will be the same. That was one of the things that tripped me up about a year into this endeavor. I thought there was a blueprint. I thought there was a proper way to execute running a website and that if you followed certain steps you could become an overnight success. The fact of the matter is something that becomes an overnight success does so because they prepared for it. Blogs/websites can come in all different shapes and sizes and there is no mandate when it comes to running one. If you want to start your own blog/website here is my experience so far and what I would suggest.

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