The Need to Create

Why do we need to constantly create? That was the question I asked myself before sitting down to write today. Every day Monday through Friday, for some Sunday through Saturday, we are tasked with the responsibility of creating. You create at work. When your boss asks you to do an assignment, that’s creation. You create at home. Every time you have to figure out what to eat for dinner, you are creating. It seems like nothing lasts. And while there are ways to get the most out of your work no one body of work retains that much value to sustain you for an extended duration of time.

I cannot help but think of sales. When you are a salesperson as a career professional you are tasked with the responsibility of creating every day as well. Salespeople create enthusiasm, opportunity, business, solutions, and more. One of the issues with being in sales is more often than not a salesperson’s results are not sticky. One of my old manager’s would say, “it’s not what you’ve done, it’s what have you done for me recently?” I find sales to have this unique correlation with life from the perspective of in the same way in sales you are tasked with constantly creating to survive, life in general requires constant creation for survival as well.

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