Goals and Expectations for Life with Ken on Substack

Hi my name is Ken, I create content for “Life with Ken,” and we are officially on Substack! We published a few pieces here just to get our feet wet. But now the transition is done and Substack is Life with Ken’s new home! Well… not new home, we still have our main website. As it relates to our new articles and made available content however, all of that is being housed here now.

In the literature that Substack provides, I read that laying out a vision for your Substack is a best practice for being successful. I figure, why not go through that process with you? That way you have full transparency into my motives and can help me set the standard for the community.

Firstly let’s talk structure. As just alluded to, a good Substack is formulaic. This Substack must have structure. As part of that, I decided to make Life with Ken on Substack synonymous with the Life with Ken main website. Life with Ken on Substack and the Life with Ken website are the same.

Our Substack hosts our content while our main website hosts everything else. This includes products, navigation across the ecosystem, terms and conditions etc. Instead of the main website housing everything, it now serves as a citadel to and throughout the entirety of Life with Ken.  

This is great because you can go straight to the Life with Ken main website from here on Substack via the navigation bar, and vice versa for Substack on the main website. This type of structure also allows me to be consistent with the amount and quality of value I am able to provide. This extends into the articles that are published as well.

The identity of Life with Ken courses through all various offerings. For those of you who are still new to Life with Ken, we help facilitate your growth journey. This is our mission because we know that a growing person(s) is a happy person(s). We believe that if you can be true to yourself, then you can live in a way that is reflective of who you really are. Life with Ken is a quality of life lifestyle brand. We want you live excellently regardless of your context.

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My primary goal and purpose is to be of service to you. My mission is to add immense value to you through my content, products, and services.

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