Life with Ken is Now on Substack!

I am excited to announce that Life with Ken is now on Substack!

For some reason this moment feels surreal to me. It’s a milestone. It’s been a journey. Being on Substack is another step in the right direction.

I am working to legitimize what I want to create here.

As I mentioned in my comeback post, I am going to be doing things differently this time around. My hope and prayer is that I can continue to do this type of work and really grow something amazing. Life with Ken on Substack is going to help in that process.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Substack is a publication platform. It allows creators grow their brand and monetize their content.

I have been on Substack in the past, but this is the first time Life with Ken is on Substack. I am looking forward to this opportunity because it is one that will allow Life with Ken to grow. And to do so in ways that have not been possible in its current iteration.

By far the most popular part about Life with Ken is the blog. That is fantastic, I love that. But I want Life with Ken to be more than just a page that someone visits for a few minutes. I am looking to grow a community and a way for people to connect with one another. In today’s world that can seem unrealistic.

I recently had the revelation of how difficult it is to meet people. The proverbial we are becoming anomalies to one another. No one wants to connect. In America especially, the individualistic nature of our society is breeding isolation, loneliness, and disconnectedness. This among other things inhibits people from becoming the best version of themselves.

Life with Ken is all about empowering you to be the best you. That cannot be done effectively if all we are is a revolving door.

I do not want a person to come to this website, get a quick fix, and leave. I want people to join a community. To hang out for a while, get a meal, leave better than they came, and be excited about coming back again. This takes intentionality, this takes buy-in, and it requires space. Life with Ken on Substack gives this brand space it never had before.

The other thing is toxicity is so pervasive these days. Sometimes you need to be able to get away from it all. There is no more quality content. Being polite is becoming antiquated. People criticize just for the sake of doing so. Some people also suffer emotional abuse everyday just because they wake up and get out of bed. Or because of who they are as a person. You should know how to traverse such unsettled waters. And be able to do so connected to people who can relate to what you are going through.

Life with Ken on Substack

Life with Ken is literally and metaphorically the next level of the Life with Ken experience. So, what does going on Substack mean for the main website? The good news is the Life with Ken website will remain the citadel for the Life with Ken ecosystem. Everything core to Life with Ken will remain to be found here. The bad news is no more full-length blog posts.

As of November 1, 2022, all blog posts will fully publish to Life with Ken on Substack only. Here on the main website blog posts will still publish but they will only be excerpts. A link on the post will further direct you to the Substack site. We are doing this because as mentioned, being on Substack means creating a community for Life with Ken.

Subscribing to the Life with Ken Substack is free. But to access any content costs $7.99 a month or $68.99 a year.

To take your Life with Ken experience to the next level, you can also become a Founding Member. A Founding Membership $250 a year.

If you become a Founding Member you get exclusive content and the opportunity to connect with me over video chat four times a year.

To put that value in perspective, for the boot camp course we offer, we charge $349. For one-on-one coaching I charge north of $1,000. Joining Life with Ken on Substack is the most economical way to grow and connect with the LWK community.

Like I said I am excited about this! More exciting stuff is coming to Life with Ken and prayerfully from here we will continue to grow sustainably. If you do not want to subscribe do not worry, all of our archived content on the main website will continue to be available and updated regularly. That way you can always go back and read some of your favorite posts. Plus, you still have until November 1st to read all of the new content in full as its published.

Hopefully you will come join our Substack!

To incentivize joining, for a limited time, to celebrate our Substack Launch, Life with Ken will be offering THE FIRST MONTH FREE!

Click Here to Redeem Your Free Month of Life with Ken on Substack!

That’s right, you can sign up for the Life with Ken Substack today and get your first month free. That means you will get access to everything on Substack including new full-length posts. All posts after this one will publish in full on both Substack and the main website. Starting November 1st all posts will publish in full on Substack for paid subscribers and in excerpts for the main website and free Substack subscribers.

Paid or free, you can cancel your Substack subscription at any time. I look forward to seeing you all over there!

Click here to check out Life with Ken on Substack.

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