Back On the Saddle: Where I’ve Been, What I’ve Been Doing, The Future of Life with Ken, and Trying to Understand the Elapsing of Time

I’M BACK!!!!!!

That’s right I am back behind the keyboard. After a seven-month hiatus I am back creating content for you all; sharing my life and building the lifestyle brand that is Life with Ken! In my last post “A Letter from The Editor” I shared that I was MIA by design and not by choice. Life at the time had thrown me in for a loop and I had to take a step back. Essentially I was broke.

Currently Life with Ken is a small team of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and me. We may be small but we are mighty. That being the case however, sometimes life puts you in a position where you have to compromise on certain things. I had to look for work. Despite my wildest ambitions in its iteration at the time, Life with Ken was intrinsically unsupportive. There was no net income.

While everyone likes free things, in the way life is currently setup free is not a business model. I once heard Kevin O’Leary say in an episode of Shark Tank that if you are not making money from something after a certain amount of time, it’s not a business it’s a hobby. That is basically where I was at when I wrote “A Letter from the Editor”.

I will get to how I plan on addressing some of those issues now that I am back; but it feels good to share some content with you again. What I do is of value and there is a space for it. I just need to be more strategic about how I monetize it. But more on that later; what have I learned over the course of these last seven to nine months?

If you do not learn from the things that you go through you run the risk of going through those same things again.

Firstly, seven is the number of completion. What that means to me is, one way to look at what this website has gone through is as a gestation period. It was being perfected or made better.

Secondly, nine is representative of birth and new life. This website and our community are getting fresh life! This also brings hope, new beginnings, fresh starts, new possibilities, and all the other adjectives associated with these sentiments.

I’ve also learned more about the value of work, consistency, and commitment. When I started preparing the website for me to start posting again, I felt passion, and I felt inspired. All the things that are intrinsic to who I am and why I do what I do came flooding into my life. All of a sudden I’m spending 12+ hours preparing the website and not feeling tired. That’s passion, determination, and an indication that this is what I should be doing.

So, now that I am back, what does that mean exactly for the future of Life with Ken? Well, prayerfully it means that we’re back for good. No more unplanned hiatuses.

There are also several things that will be coming fast over the next several weeks. No. 1, subscribe to our newsletter! If you value what we do here and think its meaningful show your support. Fill out the subscription form to join The Life with Ken Newsletter.

    Our newsletter is amazing.  Once a week you will get emailed exclusive content that will never be shared on the Life with Ken website. It’s another way for us to connect and to take this experience to another level. There will also be changes to the traditional blog posts.

    Firstly I will be posting more frequently. You will begin to notice that soon. There will also be a format change to posts that I will talk about closer to that roll out.

    No. 2, I am determined to figure out a way to generate more ways for us to connect. This will primarily come in the form of social media. I will talk about that in a later post but be ready to follow Life with Ken on social media as well. Also, I want to explore other forms of media; but that is a far less immediate application. I will not preview that any time soon until that’s ready to be publish and share with you.

    My goal now that I am back is to be more appreciative of the platform I have been given and steward it well. In another post maybe I will discuss the foundations of Life with Ken. I think that’s the last thing I want to reflect on in this post now in a broader sense.

    This website was originally incepted four years ago if you can believe it. February 2018 was when I first created this blog. At that time it did not even have a name, and I was not sure what I was going to do with it. A year and a half later I start the journey of trying to make this website a business.

    Now almost 3 years later exactly I find myself recommitting to that goal after a similar series of events that surrounded my first creating this website. I am not saying that this is a full circle moment for me per say; what I am saying is, is that sometimes things in our lives are cyclical.

    You may find yourself in a situation where something that happened several years ago is coming back around in a new but similar form. The cycles of life are not a bad thing. Sometimes they are opportunities for you to refine yourself and either get something right; or get better at something that is supposed to, or wants to be in/part of your life.

    Do not be discouraged or disheartened if situations in your life seem to be on repeat. Do not allow life to happen to you, but at the same time learn to go with the flow. Just because you are going in the same or similar direction does not mean you have to get off at the same stop that you did before.

    You can go through a same or similar thing and have a new or different experience. A cycle does not have to determine your response. You can choose for things to be different even within the context of a same or similar situation.

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    My primary goal and purpose is to be of service to you. My mission is to add immense value to you through my content, products, and services.

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    Iam literally in love with your writing skills…

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    Thank you so much
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