Doubling Down

The power of identity is in your ability to live it out. Be who you are unapologetically. Capitulation of character is for the weak minded and vapid. Beyond standing for something, are you something? Why are you here? Not meaning on planet earth, meaning contextually. What series of events in your life have brought you to the point of following me, and or reading this post? How have you shaped your reality? What is your life?

Own it.

Stop vacillating between the opinions of people who do not support you. You support you. Life with Ken is going on its third year of existence and the one consistent over the course of that time has been a lack of support. My followers do not reflect my viewership. You cannot build your life on the house of cards that is the presupposition of who you are/what you do.

You must value you. Authenticity saves. He that does not stand for anything will fall for everything; What are you standing for? I have decided to stand for this website. I have decided to stand for my brand. I have decided to stand for what I believe and who I am. If you do not believe in you, how can you expect someone else to?

I had to make a decision on whether or not to double down or to fold and cave. My brand not growing at a faster rate has been negatively impactful on me in several ways. I put a lot on the line when I decided to live a life reflective of who I am. But me being true to myself does not stop and start at whether or not some stranger agrees with me.

When I power down my laptop after finishing looking at my analytics and creating all the content that I need for the day, I look myself in the mirror. I go get food for myself to eat. I lay myself down to sleep. You have to learn to not only live with you, but to also be confident in the you that you are living with.

I woke up this morning singing praises to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am writing this post in the comforts of my own home while listening to Christian music. That is who I am. I could care less what you or someone else thinks about that decision. I love Jesus so I talk about him in my content. Do not like it? Do not read it.

This is my revelation. The same people who did not support me in this website endeavor are the same people telling me that I need to do something with my life. News flash, I am doing something with my life. I manage this website and a newsletter. I have a self-development e-course available that I wrote and created from scratch. I am a life coach. And I publish articles on Medium. I also self-published a book via my publishing company, and I have my own LLC.

Not having support will always hold you back. And support from others is not something that is guaranteed. You must support yourself. I was in a content meeting yesterday February 9th, and the question that was posed was “what direction are we taking our brand in?”. The direction that I have decided is the one where I support myself. I share for you, but this website was built by me. You choose whether you want to journey with me. But far and above choosing to journey with me, you need to choose whether you are going to journey with yourself. That is what Life with Ken is about. Are you in your own corner?

Going forward this website and my brand are going to be undergoing a few changes. Yes, my authentic supporters are a top priority in this endeavor, but also, I want this website to be genuine. I have gotten away from that a bit recently. When the chatter and noise of life gets too loud sometimes it can be difficult to hear with clarity. When what you hear is distorted, how you operate may be contorted. I am setting things straight and getting back into alignment with myself.

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My primary goal and purpose is to be of service to you. My mission is to add immense value to you through my content, products, and services.

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