Healthy Hurts

Your healthiness is hurting the people around you. That’s right, you being a healthy individual from the perspective of having your life in order, operating within some level of peace, and just being happy — is potentially having a negative impact on the people around you. Because we are all intrinsically the same, each of us can reflect each other like a mirror.

When someone sees you, they are also seeing themselves. The problem with seeing yourself in another person is sometimes you might not like what you see. There are some people who do not like to look at themselves directly in an actual mirror. So, to see you reflect them and for them not to like what they see, is potentially detrimental.

Have you ever heard that the grass is always greener on the other side? Well for some people you are that other side grass. The problem is not that you are healthy, it is that the other person is not. What exacerbates that issue is when that unhealthy person sees how healthy you are, because they are unhealthy, they can or will begin to project that unhealthiness on to you.

Have you ever had a person be mean to you for literally no reason? Someone ever not like you just because you exist? People ever “always have something to say” around you? That is that person’s unhealthiness on display. You to them represent something that they are not. It is easier to criticize than it is to change. So, instead of that person deciding to learn from you they would rather find ways to tear you down, because asking you for help or looking up to you in some way, would be an admission of guilt on their behalf.

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