How to Prevent Burnout

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Picture this: you are working your job diligently and faithfully, not skipping a beat. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, it’s like you smack a brick wall. Now, when your alarm goes off, you are rolling over to the other side of the bed – instead of jumping up bright eyed and bushy tailed singing your morning song. You take your time getting to work not really concerned if you are late today because hey, you have been working yourself to the bone for your company and have earned yourself at least five minutes.

While on the job, you are completing your tasks as usual, but admittedly you are dragging your feet. This may go on for a few days or maybe even a few weeks. Eventually the negative impact that being over worked is having on you becomes insurmountable and starts overflowing into your personal life. Now, you do not enjoy the things that you used to. You are a bit of a downer, and despite how much sleep you get, you still wake up tired, and end the day exhausted.

What I just described is the cycle of burnout. Burnout is essentially stress induced exhaustion that becomes overwhelming. It is when the details of your life begin to wear you out. The source of the stress does not have to come from one place, but the resulting burnout may manifest itself in one area of your life more than another.

Not all stress is bad. Basically, everything that we do produces some level of stress. Some of the benefits of “healthy stress” includes a work ethic, cognitive development, a sense of responsibility, and self-satisfaction. Burnout is not a technical term. It in and of itself is not necessarily a real thing; but the impact of being/feeling overworked, spent, or drained, can lead to serious consequences. Preventing yourself from being burnt out is imperative because if you do not, the stress could literally kill you.

The first thing to realize is that it is not you, it is what you are doing. All work and no play will make anyone a dull person. in protecting yourself from becoming depleted, it is important to consider where you are putting your energy to, and how much of your energy that activity is consuming. To your benefit you are not the energizer bunny. The Bible says that even God rested. Everyone needs to replenish themselves. The challenge is that sometimes there is not a one to one exchange in the thing that tires you versus the thing that restores you.

A good example of this is the sedentary lifestyle that one in four Americans live. If you are sitting in front of a computer all day for work, and then as a way to decompress or relax you watch television; that is not necessarily an equivalent exchange in relation to energy spent versus energy restored. If the primary contributor to your exhaustion drains you faster than the things that you do to replenish yourself, that is a perfect storm for becoming burnt out. This is one of the reasons why vacations are a great thing.

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